What is the Real Cost of Living in Highland Park?

Christi Weinstein September 20, 2023

When it comes to upscale living with the quintessence of charm, Highland Park, Texas, is the epitome of opulence and vibrant community life. Lush parks, sparkling fountains, and elegant homes grace this scenic neighborhood. But as the old saying goes, “luxury comes at a price,” and Highland Park is no exception. In this comprehensive article, we’ll delve into the real cost of living in this exclusive area.

Is Highland Park expensive to live in?

The short answer is yes; Highland Park offers a luxurious lifestyle and high cost of living that reflects its opulent atmosphere. This is a place where tranquility meets the allure of sophisticated living. However, it's not just about splurging; it's about getting value for what you pay. Whether it’s the impeccably maintained streets, the variety of entertainment options, or the top-notch schools, you're getting a unique lifestyle that's hard to replicate.
The cost of living index in Highland Park is 265.4, which is nearly 20% higher than the rest of Texas. This index encapsulates various aspects of life, such as groceries, health, housing, and transportation. Speaking of groceries, expect to pay a little more for your weekly shopping, as the grocery index here is 113.3, above the Texas average of 93.7. So, yes, life here is undoubtedly more expensive, but for many, the cost is justified by the unparalleled amenities and quality of life.

How do Highland Park prices compare to other U.S. cities?

When you step into the world of Highland Park, you're not just crossing a geographical boundary; you're stepping into a realm of elevated living that is distinctly set apart from other American cities. Imagine entering a high-end boutique where every item exudes a quiet sense of luxury. With a cost of living index soaring at 265.4, it's abundantly clear that Highland Park sits in its own upper echelon.

You'll feel this difference not just in the grandeur of homes or the quality of schools but in daily errands like grocery shopping. While the national average for grocery costs is 100, Highland Park’s grocery index is 113.3. Picture walking down aisles filled with the finest organic produce, artisanal cheeses, and a wine selection that rivals a sommelier's dream—this is the standard grocery experience here.
And it's not just about the basics; even the miscellaneous expenses, which cover everything from dining out to clothing, are a step above the rest with an index of 107.6. Consider indulging in boutique shopping experiences, high-end fitness studios, and gastronomic delights whenever you venture out for leisure or routine chores. Highland Park is not just a place to live; it’s a place to experience life at a completely different level.

What is a livable salary in Highland Park?

Living in Highland Park is like constantly being a character in a wonderfully written novel, where each day turns a new page of luxe experiences and scenic beauty. But let's be clear: this kind of lifestyle story doesn't write itself. With a median household income that's more than double the national average, the residents here know that their hard-earned money is being well-spent to maintain a lifestyle that's far from ordinary.

To really soak in what this community has to offer, from the gourmet meals to the private tennis lessons for your kids, you'll need a salary that's more robust than what suffices in other cities. You're not just budgeting for a home or a car; you're budgeting for experiences that can only be found here. Whether it's fine dining, weekend getaways to local resorts, or the luxury of having the best educational resources for your children, each aspect demands careful financial planning.

What offers a touch of solace is the health index, which at 98.1 is comparable to the national average. At least in terms of healthcare, the costs won't take you by surprise. However, as you budget for the elevated grocery costs and ritzy entertainment options, you realize this isn’t just about making ends meet. It's about crafting a life that's filled with unique and rich experiences that come together to form an unparalleled tapestry of living. It's about ensuring that each dollar spent doesn’t just provide for a need but fulfills a desire to live life at its absolute best.

What is the average rent in Highland Park?

Renting in Highland Park is akin to holding a season pass to an exclusive, year-round festival of art and beauty. Yes, the rents are high—often in the several thousand per month—but each payment unlocks another month of luxury and unique experiences. You're not just covering the cost of square footage; you're essentially buying into a lifestyle that is curated for those who appreciate the finer things in life.
The plush apartments and exquisite townhomes available for rent here are far more than mere dwellings. They're sanctuaries tailored for comfort and opulence. Imagine coming home to an apartment with high ceilings, a chef's kitchen, and a balcony that overlooks some of the most stunning views Texas has to offer. Every single moment spent in your rented space is like a mini-vacation of its own.
And let's not forget to factor in transportation and utility costs, which hover near the national average. You'll likely have a concierge to accept your packages, perhaps a rooftop garden where you can unwind, and a community of neighbors who appreciate the art of living well.

What is the median home price in Highland Park?

When you purchase a home in Highland Park, what you're really acquiring is far more than just real estate—you're gaining a lifetime membership to an exclusive club of beauty and sophistication. The jaw-dropping median home cost of $2,270,200 is not just a figure; it's a statement. It boldly declares the unparalleled quality of life that this extraordinary community offers, a quality that is, quite simply, without peer in Texas and beyond.

In a world where the term “home” has taken on so much importance, your investment secures you far more than just bricks and mortar. It promises you architectural masterpieces—think sprawling estates with manicured gardens, modern condos with panoramic city views, and historic homes with stories to tell. But even more than that, a home in Highland Park offers you a rich, fulfilling life set against a backdrop of scenic beauty and community camaraderie.
With an extraordinary housing index of 628.3, owning a home here is like owning a piece of art; it's unique, deeply personal, and ever-appreciating in both value and meaning. Your Highland Park home is not just a place to live but a stage for your life's most beautiful moments to unfold in a setting that could rival the grandeur of any movie set.

As the figures show, Highland Park is undoubtedly a high-cost area but promises an equally high quality of life. From its breathtaking surroundings to its top-tier schools and plush homes, every dollar spent in Highland Park is an investment in a high quality of life.

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